Sunday, July 16, 2017

D&D 5e | S1E1 | Introductions and the Inevitable Ambush

The path of our epic adventure starts on the road to a small rough and tumble town called Phandalin. We follow the humble beginnings of Lord Viktor Sinclair, a bored royal gentleman cleric of Mistport who prays to no god in particular and Grit Toughnstuff, a roguish gnome with a checkered past and an attraction to danger. Along for the ride is Dunkthor Anderson, Grit's thugish personal assistant and Franklin DeVeraux, Viktor's long time friend and royal bodyguard. Together they form The Loot and Dagger Mercenary Company and set out across the Sword Coast in search of fame, fortune, and the opportunity to generally do good.
Gundren Rockseeker, friend of Mistport royalty, has asked The Loot and Dagger Mecenary Company to bring a wagon full of supplies to Phandalin, a place of potential wealth, mystery, and danger. Just so happens there are rumors of bandits and goblin raiders along the trail and our heroes are about to demonstrate just how deep Loot and Dagger's blade can cut when ungentlemanly ambushers stand in the way. 
Season 1 is played on the D&D 5e Ruleset created by Wizards of the Coast and uses the Lost Mines of Phandelver module as framework to help tell the story.  
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