Sunday, November 26, 2017

16. S2E1 | Welcome to the Darkness

Its been a long year since the heroics of Phandalin. The Loot and Dagger Mercenary company thrived after ending the torment caused by The Black Spider. Their glory would be short lived as skirmishes with the dark elves began to blister areas around Faerun. They seem to be taking slaves more than conquering and spent a great deal of effort acquiring artifacts of power from the surface world.    
Lord Sheriff Viktor Sinclair took it upon himself to use his noble connections to strengthen the town of Phandalin after defeating the evil that threatened to tear it apart. He also took Twix the goblin as an apprentice Gentleman. A most noble path to walk were you to ask anyone from great city Mistport. 

Deputy Grit Toughnstuff, who works secretly as Fang of the Zhentarium, has led the Loot and Dagger Mercenary company to great financial heights thanks in part to acquisition of the Phandalin Mining Guild. The Drow surface raids proved to be bad for business, and using his underworld connections within the Zhentarium and a considerable portion of his personal wealth, he helped fund an army to fight against the dark elf incursions. 

It didn’t take long before Viktor and Grit joined forces again, as a great battle was fought at an Drow outpost somewhere to the far north. A trap was sprung. A cave in found Viktor and Grit separated from their forces and each other. Days they wondered and deeper they were plunged into the Underdark. 

There’s also someone else we should mention.  Matilda Becket, a curious Red Mage turned scavenger of ruins and ancient graves. She left her island enclave years ago, searching for something many believe doesn’t exist. Fate found her wondering deep underground and in the clutches of dangers that hide in its darkness. 

Her fate crashes head first into the path of the Loot and Dagger Mercenary company. We begin their story.
Season 2 is run using the D&D 5e Ruleset created by Wizards of the Coast and uses the Out of the Abyss compaign book as framework to help tell the story.  
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