Monday, November 13, 2017

D&D 5e | S1E14 | Serving Justice with Radiant Fire, Blades and Fantastic Hair

After leaving everything they knew behind to begin a new life, Lord Sheriff Vicktor Sinclair the Noble from Mistport, and Deputy Grit Toughnstuff, Fang of the Zhentarium, have forged friendships and enemies that will surely change the face of Farerun forever. They’ve toppled a group of bandits that practiced the dark arts, they've dethroned an evil goblin king, and slew a young but still deadly dragon. They’ve vanquished a ancient flaming skull face thing, and calmed a sudo baby beholder. The greatest threat still lays ahead. For the Blackspider is still alive and the threads of its master plan has just barely begun to unraveled. We join the heroes now as east step draws them closer and closer into the unknown. Season 1 is run using the D&D 5e Ruleset created by Wizards of the Coast and uses the Lost Mines of Phandelver module as framework to help tell the story. Our website | Subscribe to the podcast | iTunes Be our friends | Read our tweets | @lootanddagger

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