Sunday, February 11, 2018

20. Side Quest - The Jungle Temple of Brahk Tharl - Part 2 of 3

When last we left our heroes. They’d accepted a quest to find a missing group of adventurers known as the Fearless Four. Last seen in a small outpost town of Thornshire. After a night of making music at the local tavern, acquiring ketchup, and gathering basic information, it was clear. The Fearless Four had headed to the Temple of Brahk Tharl. No easy task since it’s located deep in the Sweet Water Jungle. On their way to the temple they almost ambushed by a raptor and gnolls. The ambush went sideways for the enemy and now we find our heroes resting after their victory before continuing into certain danger.

Side Quest is our way of telling stories beside the main story with a cast and plot that's always changing.
Temple of Brahk Thral features Lucy Jane Pennybright
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