Wednesday, April 25, 2018

22. S2E4 | In Which Viktor Prays for a Boat.

When last we left our heroes. Captured by the drow! Then Escaped! Now we find Matilda Becket, Grit Tougnstuff, and Viktor Sinclair running around the underdark desperately trying to find a way out. There’re not along. Along with them are a motley crew of fellow escapees. Together they wondered aimlessly through the underdark cave system. Where they ran into a pack of magically mutated one eyed monster things. They also fished. Glorious heroic fishing. Seriously. They fished. Now lets get back to them. Cause they’re doing stuff. Heroic Stuff

Season 2 is run using the D&D 5e Ruleset created by Wizards of the Coast and uses the Out of the Abyss compaign book as framework to help tell the story. 

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