Who are we?

Loot and Dagger is a Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast recorded in Atlanta, GA. We’re a handful of longtime friends who play tabletop games, mostly D&D, and share that experience with you. 

Currently we’re releasing an epic story-line using the D&D 5e rule system that will take players from level 1 well into 15 (perhaps into demigod status?). 

Email: lootndagger@gmail.com

James Stiver
Dungeon Master
Mareta Pettigrew
Matilda Becket - Seasons 2 & 3 
Jenny Ray Wallace
Tiri - Seasons 2 & 3
Chris McDaniel
Grit Toughnstuff in Seasons 1& 2
Vladislav in Seasons 2 & 3 
Adam Jones
Viktor Sinclair Seasons 1 thru 3