Who are we?

Loot and Dagger is a story telling actual play podcast based out of Atlanta, GA. We’re a handful of longtime friends who play tabletop games, mostly D&D, and share that experience with you. Currently we’re releasing an epic storyline using the D&D 5e system that will take players from level 1 well into 15 (perhaps into demigod status?). Join us and become a Loot and Dagger Mercenary but only if you’re brave and ambitious enough to delve dungeons, murder evil, and get rich!

Do you have an urge to speak with Loot and Dagger? Email: lootndagger@gmail.com

We are these people. 

James Stiver
Host of The Loot and Dagger Podcast
DM for D&D Seasons 1 & 2
Adam Jones
Viktor Sinclair in D&D Seasons 1 & 2
Chris McDaniel
Grit Toughnstuff in D&D Seasons 1& 2