Who are we?

Loot and Dagger is a dungeons and dragons actual play podcast recorded in Atlanta, GA. We began playing Monte Cook's Numenera (Cypher System) until we reworked the show in 2017 and started releasing D&D 5e content.

Our stories are a mix of homebrew and Wizards of the Coast content, with a touch of southern comfort. You can find us anywhere you find podcasts, but hopefully you find us in your heart. ;) 

James Stiver
Dungeon Master
Mareta Pettigrew
Matilda Becket - Seasons 2 & 3 
Jenny Ray Wallace
Tiri - Seasons 2 & 3
Chris McDaniel
Grit Toughnstuff in Seasons 1& 2
Vladislav in Seasons 2 & 3 
Adam Jones
Viktor Sinclair Seasons 1 thru 3